Preferring the passionate side of Papa vs Pretty

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There is something different about Papa vs Pretty that you don’t find in a lot of young bands these days. Their sound is bold and brazenly ambitious: they have openly high expectations of their music. But that’s not necessarily what is new – there are a slew of confident kids out there who don’t command the attention that Papa vs Pretty have rightfully received. What these kids have is edge. Their harmonies are unkempt and sometimes unexpected. Their debut album ‘United In Isolation’ is thick with the conflict and passion and confusion of a modern youth: an attitude embracing awkwardness that somehow makes it cool.

Yet something about the LP feels a little too big for its boots: the string sections, distorted samples, soaring guitar solos and eerie music-box interlude feel like mismatched elements of an ‘epic’ rock album that this is simply not – nor should it be. What holds it together are frontman Thomas Rawle’s passionate harmonies and the record’s quieter, more understated moments. Papa vs Pretty need to take a deep breath and strip it all back to that raw edginess that made them stand out in the first place.


United In Isolation’ is out through Peace and Riot / Universal Music.