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Choosing a travel destination is wonderfully exciting. At the same time, it is often excruciatingly difficult. Unless you’re royalty or have just won ‘The Amazing Race’, time and money are probably the unwanted realists in your globe-trotting fantasy. I confess – I suffer from a terrible case of wanderlust, which makes me want to go absolutely everywhere all of the time.

Trawling the internet, hounding travel agents, and harassing well-travelled friends have been my decision-making tactics so far. But travel website Expedia have come up with a method that sounds much more fun: why not ask the stars? The travel website has teamed up with expert astrologist ‘Devorah’ to suss out the perfect holiday destinations for each of us, according to our star-sign. Devorah not only tells us where we should go, but gives us hints on where to stay and who to travel with (or more importantly, who not to). 

Now I’m no astrologist, but I can’t resist trying this out. The only problem is that I’ve always secretly hated my star-sign. I’m a Cancer. This means I’m meant to be on a permanent emotional rollercoaster – sensitive as hell, and always walking sideways. Accordingly, Expedia recommends I check into a boutique hotel or a B&B somewhere nice and homely – like Britain or New Zealand. So as not to crack my fragile shell, I should always read the reviews and make sure I’m not travelling with any loud-mouthed Arians.

Truth: I adore London and I’ve always had a soft spot for a Kiwi accent. But I also crave something different: an adventure somewhere completely unhomely. This isn’t a rulebook though; Expedia isn’t taking itself too seriously. The site’s marketing manager says simply: “Consulting the Zodiac can be a fun way to further understand your individual travel needs.”

So, the game isn’t over yet. Whenever I read my sensitive-soul horoscope in the paper, I always sneak a peek at some of the others to see what I’m missing. Truthfully, I’ve always fancied myself as more of a Sagittarius: bold, adventurous and a lover of spontaneity. Oh, and check this out: they get to go to Morocco!

And so, just like when you realise after saying “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” that you really truly wanted the other option, I’m now checking out trips to somewhere more exotic than a Cancerian might typically choose. Perhaps it’s not the most conventional way to read your horoscope, but it works for me.

Intrigued? Yep, you know you want to: check out what Expedia and Devorah have to say about your star-sign here.

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