Every cloud has a silver lining…

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As technology develops so do the opportunities we have to communicate using different media. Has this made smartphone users look for easier options of messaging rather than calling? A survey conducted by CloudTalk in California recently found that only 43% of consumers questioned would pick up the phone to place a call. Nine out of 10 smartphone users would prefer receiving text messages over voice calls or voice mail as they find the latter options too intrusive.

“The results clearly indicate that smartphones are primarily used as a communication device, but what’s really interesting is that it appears the intrusiveness of phone calls has forced talking to take a back seat to more convenient modes of communication, such as text messaging,” said David Hayden, chairman and CEO of CloudTalk.

CloudTalk is a social networking application for smartphones that is available for free to consumers with iOS phones (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android OS phones. It goes one beyond text messaging alone in that users can voice message, bringing a little more warmth back into communication. And the great thing is, the receiver of the message can choose when to tune in! 


More information at www.cloudtalk.com.