Little Scout gets a little psychedelic

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The debut album from Brisbane’s Little Scout was apparently recorded in Jonathon Boulet’s garage. I’m a little suspicious. ‘Take Your Light’ does not ring of dusty concrete and bricks, piles of old books, and small but ominous looking arachnids. What is Boulet keeping in his garage? Does he have a secret collection of toadstools, a couple of pet fairies, and a thick canopy of leaves over the skylight? This album is as dreamy as a tea-leaf reader after a nap, slowly ambling down the well-trodden path of the indie-pop forest. Singer Melissa Tickle has perfected the art of wispy ethereal vocals, melting in with polite drums and clean melodic guitars. The band’s first single ‘Dead Loss’ layers Tickle’s sweetness with enough foot-stomping, chord-bashing and woah-oh-ing to build a real sense of euphoria. The rest of the album, though, doesn’t quite match this. “So politely framed, you’ve forgotten every name,” Tickle croons on ‘Right Now We Are We’ – and this somehow captures the essence of ‘Take Your Light’. While there are some beautiful moments of melancholia and yearning, they never seem to quite get there: the whole thing is so pretty and polite that it lacks a certain emotional depth. Nevertheless, a little taste of fairyland never goes astray.


‘Take Your Light’ is out through Independent/MGM.