So you think you can dance?

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Here’s an interesting recipe. The ingredients: a well-loved vodka brand, a swoonworthy pop-culture icon (Pharrell), a material-girl mega star (Madonna), a booty-shaking dance video competition, a preposterously huge party across 50 countries, and 10 million ideas for a killer night out. 

That’s right, people. Madonna wants you to dance with her. Pharrell wants you swirling around in his musical cup. Smirnoff just want you to have a damn great time.

The vodka brand has pioneered one of the most ambitious multi-platform advertising campaigns yet: the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange. They’ve described their aim as “audacious”: for 10 million people to discover and share their unique nightlife experiences across 50 countries, culminating in one massive party happening simultaneously around the world. Audacious? Totally nuts, more like.

Pharrell Williams is all about it, for a start. If you’ve ever wondered how the genius collaborator likes to build his tracks, check out the killer ad campaign that launched last week here. It’s inspired by how a bartender mixes a drink: “how you start is everything”, apparently. And when you’re starting with Pharrell, we reckon you’re destined for somewhere delicious.

And he’s not the only celebrity jumping on board the SS Smirnoff. It’s time to dance like one of the world’s greatest pop divas is watching – because she is. Madonna is using the Nightlife Exchange to find a dancer to join her next tour. All you need to do is film yourself shakin’ it to her recent single ‘Celebration’ and upload it to the Smirnoff website. If you’ve got the moves, you’ll get to attend one of the 50 international parties and dance for the material girl herself.

Can’t dance? You might still get an invite. Smirnoff are putting the party planning to the people by asking for the “best nightlife ideas” from their Facebook fans. Your love of lasers and foam machines could score you a spot on the guest-list right next to Madge.

Can they pull it all off? Who knows? For now, we’re happy to have a reason to pour a little something over ice and break out our best impression of ‘Like A Virgin’. Cheers to that. 


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