Angry Boys peeves some viewers off, but we admire it more the second time ’round

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Earlier this year on ABC, comedian Chris Lilley struck again with his highly anticipated third series, ‘Angry Boys’ Hyped to the nines, when finally aired the reaction was mixed from both public and critics alike. The series takes the mickey out of just about every minority group that you can think of, with political correctness thrown out the window and falling from about 50 storeys high. Some of the jokes splat messily on first viewing, but once you get a second viewing, you appreciate what Lilley’s getting at.

Indeed, if he wasn’t so in-yer-face with his heterosexist and racist remarks, the rest of us would probably assume we were living in a rosy world where nobody dared think what his abrupt characters verbalise.

Lilley explores the stereotypes of the deaf, gay, disabled, and mixed races, and pushes boundaries far, particularly for prime-time television and, mind you, for Amercian television for he sold the show to HBO. Perhaps his entry into the American market lead to the creation of his black wannabe rapper character, S. Mouse, whose facepaint and stereotypical gestures bring to mind the discomfort sensed in some audiences way back when black-and-white minstrels were projected onto the silver screen.

Overall, the series is fun and an interesting watch, and every viewer will definitely get something out of it, even if it is a mind that boggles at how he gets away with it. Oh, and a really bad rap track stuck in their head for days. 

Angry Boys is out through ABC DVD RRP $39.95 for a 3-disc set.

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