Dress up like a ‘wrap’ star this Halloween

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We love a good dress-up party. And with Halloween just around the corner (well, a month away), we’re wondering what to don to blow all those boring masked wannabes out of the water. Hoorah, then, for Morphsuits, creatives of costumes that will have us covered from top to toe, looking even better than classic monsters did in B-grade movies. I call dibs on the Mummy suit, pictured, where the bandages look so real, I just know other guests at the party are going to find it hard to keep their hands of me. Also available are Zombie, Witch and Pumpkin suits, each allowing the wearer to easily breath, see, even drink through them (well, through the mouth area, anyway). Prices per suit ranging from $75 to $85. Visit www.morphsuits.com.au for more information.