PlayStation3 price drop leads to quadrupled sales

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What do you do when Nintendo is outselling your consoles, the Xbox Kinect is dominating your motion control system, and a lowly teenage hacker has just compromised your multi-million dollar international gaming network? Why, you announce a massive price drop of your console of course!

Ok so we are being a bit hard on our friends at Sony. Their console is actually awesome in a multitude of ways and does offer a huge selection of games. It also happens to be the only third generation console that took the initiative of introducing a Blu-ray player. So when they announced that they’re dropping their RRP of the PS3 to $349.95 for the 160GB model and to $449.95 for the 320GB one, even though all of us here own a PS3, we all slightly got excited (and annoyed that we paid more for ours!).

So if you’re a gamer who waits for the lowest shlump of a price before buying your new console, perhaps now is the time to buy. But with news of a PS4 trickling down the grape vine from frenzied and ever speculating gamer sites, maybe you should even sweat it out a tiny bit more…

Still, the drop in price per unit has resulted in a surge in sales of over 400%, making the chaps in suits at Sony Computer Entertainment very, very happy.