Waxing lyrical

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It took $14 million, countless hours of sitting down with celebrities to match skin tone, eye and hair colour and to painstakingly place each individual hair into a scalp, but finally the world’s 13th Madame Tussauds franchise is opening in Sydney.

The city’s premiere family themed entertainment district that is Darling Harbour will play host to Tussauds, set to open in May 2012, situated right next to the Sydney Aquarium.

Some might say it’s about time Oz got its own wax museum. We have after all been steadily expanding our presence on the international movie and music scene for decades. As for now, Mum’s the word on exactly which celebs will be honoured with a wax replica but we do know a pseudo Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman will both be making an appearance. Better hurry up with the Kylie Minogue dummy. At the rate she’s going with surgery, we may not be able to tell them apart.