Call for marriage equality

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We here at Cream always welcome any step forward in the fight to secure equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian Australians. And we’re happy to let you know that the group Australian Marriage Equality has just launched a vibrant campaign for the cause, which hopefully will get people questioning why some of us need to fight for equality in the first place.

The aptly named ‘I Do’ campaign has at its core a beautiful and heart felt video, which features well known Australians showing their support for the cause. Celebs giving their vote include Mia Freedman, Geoff Field, Dave Graham, Natalie Tran, Julie McCrossin, Carl Katter and Geoff Thomas.

If you want to check it out go to the link below and if you’re really keen, sign the online petition. You can add to the already 75,000+ online signatures and offer your support in the fight for something that should already be the law.

Oh, and you can even enter your postcode and the name and number of your local MP will pop up. So you can give he or she a call and ask what they are doing about securing equality for all Australians.