Look mum, no hands!

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So, you’re happy you can lay your lazy butt down just about anywhere to enjoy the full mobility of your iPad. But where do you put your hardworking tablet when it wants to rest? Why not plonk it on its own little iCrib? This nifty little bean bag not only gives your tablet or e-reader a well-earaned break from your grubby fingers, it allows you to adjust the angle of the monitor for better readability. Nestling protectively in the iCrib’s cushy fabric, you can use it around the pool or on your lap if on the bus or train. Or indeed, you might want to use it as a pillow for yourself when you’ve finished reading. It even has a side pocket to hold your phone too. Now that’s what we call clever.


The iCrib Tablet Bean Bag is available in red and can be purchased online at www.lifeliveitup.com.au only for $29.99. Or visit the website for stockists near you.