Mo’ reason to grow one

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What’s a mo’ mean to you? Do you like it when guys sport the look? Or does the mo’ leave you leave you feeling shocked as to why all of a sudden you’re suspicious of the person sporting it? Whatever your reaction, it seems less and less people are equating the humble mo’ with evil World War II dictators, and getting to think of the facial bush’s more noble causes. We’re speaking mainly, of course, of Movember.

As has been the case over the last decade, the November 1st will see willing and able men, both young and old, start with a clean-shaven face, and for the rest of the month shave and style their upper lip hair into a piece of hairy art worthy of entering into the moustache hall of fame. It’s all done for charity, of course, with the intention of raising awareness for two highly debilitating, yet equally unspoken of mens’ health issues: depression and prostate cancer. The gist is that the mo’ will prompt conversation about these usually stigmatised yet important issues.

With more mo’ related puns than you can possibly i-mo-gine, the official Movember website has all the information needed for potential mo’ enthusiasts to register for the event. The initiative seriously raised over $25 million dollars just in Australia last year. So get on board, sport a mo’ for Movember! This may be the only chance you have to get away with having one!  Visit