Whisky au-go-go

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We love a good drop of whisky now and then, which is why when we heard Glenfiddich was releasing its 14 Year Old Rich Oak, our lips couldn’t help but salivate. The whisky is sweet but zesty having been aged in both Scottish and American barrels, and is so special this scribe will be enjoying his night at Friday after-work drinks. Once, I sat down to a degustation meal where various aged bottles of Glenfiddich were served with each course. If ever the occasion came up again, this rich oak would match dessert perfectly.


Glenfiddich also launches the 50 Year Old this year (pictured below) with only one bottle being sent to Australia valued at a princely sum of $25,000. The brand is also launching its Pioneering Campaign that celebrates women and men who are outstanding in their fields and making pioneer achievements. Visit www.glenfiddich.com for more information.