Far beyond the average vacation

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It seems even the ampersand in its brand name can’t stop &Beyond from being the world’s leading ecotourism company, this year celebrating a whooping 20 years of successful business, 20 years of  conservation triumphs, 20 years of  luxury responsible tourism. Pretty much 20 years of kicking butt.

With their first Mountain Lodge opening in October 1991, &Beyond have grown into an award-winning hospitality success with more than 35 safari lodges throughout Africa and India, and even better stories to go with them.

Because 20 obviously seems to be the number on &Beyond’s lips, they have compiled numerous lists, all with 20 as a common factor: community empowerment victories, bucket list moments,  insider travel tips and more.

They’re just sharing the love. Why don’t you give on back and check out what &Beyond has got going on at www.andbeyond.com. Take a peak at the amazing adventure holidays that are just a click away.

Image courtesy &Beyond.