Holy Comic-Book-To-Video-Game Conversion, Batman!

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Following the immensely popular ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, ‘Batman: Arkham City’ builds upon its predecessor’s intense, heavily layered and atmospheric settings. Rather than set you on a linear path, you get to choose their own mission, flying over dark cityscapes and swooping down to surprise villains. And there are plenty of them about town, with ‘Arkham City’ possibly the most packed superhero comic-come-game when it comes to being studded with bad guys. Prepare yourself for a surprise appearance from just about any one of DC Comics’ nastiest characters: The Joker, Two-Face, The Penguin, Riddler, Calendar Man, Catwoman and more, in scenarios that include high-impact street brawls, forensic investigations, and one-on-one show-downs.

Players are even invited to step into Catwoman’s boots for a while just to see what it feels like to play villain, while fortunate folk with 3D compatible hardware have the option of playing the game in 3D mode.

Be it in 2D or 3D, an innovative touch to ‘Arkham City’ are the occasional glimpses into Batman’s tortured mind. Concepts of time and space are a little warped too, for example when The Joker teases Batman with a challenge, he does so via several television screens which give the player a trippier, postmodern, intertextual experience. The caped crusader has plenty of new toys to fight with, too, including a Cryptographic Sequencer V2 and smoke pellets. Indeed design group Rocksteady Studios have done a masterful job in keeping the series alive and innovative. Ardent followers and novices alike will be very impressed.


‘Batman: Arkham City’ is available to play on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Also available is Frank Miller’s origin story of the Dark Knight in the animated feature ‘Batman: Year One’ out now on DVD (RRP $34.95) and Blu-ray ($39.95). Also available On Demand and to Download. Visit www.warnerbros.com.au for more information.