Music video just got sharper

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If you have a PlayStation3 and are already dripping with excitement over all the free music video you can have streamed through its VidZone service, you’re going to get even wetter with excitement over its new and improved interface. Users can still search for their favourite clips amongst more than 40,000 from the major record labels (and we’re talking amazing screen quality, not your average low-res YouTube simulacra) as well as enjoy uninterrupted play via your own customised playlists. There’s also access to a VIP zone where you can check out playlists from artists as diverse as LMFAO and Snow Patrol, Blink 182 and Pixie Lott. Best of all, instead of browsing through thousands of clips, users can go straight to a zone that suits them most, with music videos cleverly categorised by genre and theme. Visit  for more information.