Another Victory for a famed American bike brand

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that fuel costs are a little more economical when filling up the tank of a motorbike, but Victory Motorcycles have been shifting quite a few units lately. So much so, they’ve recently opened up a second Australian showroom in Sydney. Located in the inner-western suburb of Ashfield, the space is a massive 1200 square metres in size, taking out the honour of being the company’s largest showroom in the world.

Okay, so what is Victory – The New American Motorcycle Company all about? Well they were established 13 years ago in the States, and have already built a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing practical, fast, stylish and colour-rich cycles. Apparently the 106 cubic inch twin-engine of these beasts, including the Jackpot (pictured) possess 113ft/lbs of torque and a 6-speed gearbox with overdrive.  Although we have no idea what this actually means, apparently it translates into a lot of grunt while you thunder down your quiet suburban street.

So bike enthusiasts out there get excited! And all you home dwellers, put on some ear plugs…

Victory Vegas Jackpot motorcycle, pictured above, RRP $29,995. Jacket, pictured below, RRP $495.

Enquiries at or on 1300 721 360.