Dinosaurs and dags make top of BRW’s rich list

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It appears even the rich and famous are feeling the GFC pinch, with finance magazine ‘BRW’ today announcing its Top 50 Entertainers List is down 29 per cent to $409.7 million from last year. Those that made it into the list needed to have earned at least $2.3 million in the last 12 months.

At number one were Global Creatures, the production company behind ‘Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectactular’, followed by daggy children’s entertainment quartet, The Wiggles (a scary $28.2 million in earnings for waving their hands about like dickheads).

AC/DC dropped out of the Top 10 with earnings of less than $9 million, while Kylie Minogue re-entered it having pocketed $15 million (no doubt pocketing most of it from touring since ‘Aphrodite’ was a pretty crap album). Naomi Watts came in as Australia’s highest earning actor (number 3 on the list), with Nicole Kidman coming in at number 5.

But it seems the big business to be in right now is not the movies, but live music promotions. Music festival and theatre organisers, along with those heavy honchos behind rock’n’wrestling grossed a total of $85.5 million. Meanwhile, pig-faced Kyle Sandilands saw his earnings rise to $3 million in the past year, despite recent controversy that has seen advertisers pulling out of his radio show in droves.

As they say, there’s no accounting for good taste.