For those with aspirations of being the next Akira

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Flip through your wardrobe and there’s a good chance most of your clothes were designed on a computer, with prints and patterns transformed from the digital image onto fabric. Yes, even fashion has had to evolve with technology, but the great thing about this is that budding designers can now more readily see their creations come to life, while veterans at the art of fashion-making can are enjoying new challenges and channelling classic aesthetics faster through the new digital process.

‘The Complete Guide To Designing And Printing Fabric’ deals very much with designing and printing fabric digitally, but it also touches on methods of hand-printing while the techniques it showcases can be applied across a broad range of creative outlets. For this reason it is an ideal guide for not only fashion designers but those working in interiors, product packaging, even graphic design.

Author Laurie Wisbrun kicks off by looking at various patterns, from floral motifs to optical/geometric ones,  and colour wheel basics to richly textured ethnic symbology. This makes for a glorious start to the book, with the first third alone packed with gorgeous, inspirational pattern ideas.

At times, Wisbrun makes pattern-making look as easy as kindergarten art, showing examples of how paper, a couple of colour markers, a soft rubber linoleum block, and a Stanley knife can be used to create the most beautiful repeat-pattern on a blank sheet of material. Things get more complex as she goes into Photoshop techniques but ultimately her step-by-step tutorials are unintimidating, even to the most novice of fashion designers.


‘The Complete Guide To Designing And Printing Fabric: Techniques, Tutorials & Inspiration for the Innovative Designer’ is published through Bloomsbury and available in January 2012, RRP $29.99.