It’s got to be the final mission… please

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Tom Cruise has somehow managed to dodge another bit of Scientology controversy, and, er, blessed us with his presence as Ethan Hunt, the secret agent who surely must now be close to retirement. (Seriously, we spent half the movie wondering if he was about to break a hip). As most people who are on the verge of old age will tell you, you can be certain that if something goes wrong, the Russians are to blame. This time around in the Mission Impossible franchise is no different, as we once again see the storyline being somehow connected with Russia. This is a bit unfair considering the Cold War ended over 20 years ago. Those poor old Russkis aren’t even communist anymore, yet still manage to come us as the villains in modern spy tales.

As they must have spent years cultivating and fine-tuning this incredibly deep storyline, we wont spill the beans too much regarding what MI: Ghost Protocol is actually about. Sorry, that’s classified.

We can tell you that, yes, it is another in the franchise that we could live without, but the film does have its merits. One redeeming factor is the action. As you watch the flick, you get a real sense of evolution when it comes to the action, and it reaches its peak in this offering, practically making you squirm and lift your ass off your seat.

Although the storyline is clichéd, it is more solid than we expected. Expect to feel slightly more concerned for the characters in this film than you’re use to with the series. Honestly, we don’t think anyone cared if that whiny chick in MI2 didn’t get her life-saving serum.

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to find a free two-and-a-half hours in your busy lives to watch Tom Cruise do what he does too often – shut his silly mouth and continually shoot people. If you decide not to take on this mission, fear not. Millions of others will. This message should self destruct in five seconds. Not unlike Cruise’s acting career.

‘Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol’ currently screens nationally.