Madonna ‘cheers’ herself up

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Catholics are told in church that they ought to love themselves first before learning to love others, but Madonna appears to have taken the notion to the extreme. As this exclusive image shows, her new cheerleader look comes complete with All-About-Me attitude. We spotted no less than 10 pinups and posters of the Material Girl in this photograph alone. Then there’s that blatant pennant hanging above her head, along with a mirror in her hand that hints “I love me, who do you love?” and even a statuette (on the middle shelf) of her namesake, Madonna the Virgin.

If you’ve come across the demo of the new single ‘Give Me All Your Love’ on Youtube, you’d know the song’s lyrics are also vanity-laden, plugging her own name 11 times in four short minutes in one version. Listen carefully and you’ll also note a subtle warning in the direction of Lady Gaga (hear: “L.A.D… d-d-d-don’t make me – ”).

Of all versions so far leaked online, Cream enjoys the one that samples Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’ the best, even if it is a little ‘Glee’, and we just know there’s going to be an onslaught of mash-ups. The problem is, Olivia Newton-John has just covered ‘Mickey’ for Stephan Elliot’s new film ‘A Few Best Men’, which is sure to piss Madonna off no end. But then, as Madge herself said in interview to Cream recently, “Music, movies, art exhibits, books – I have an insatiable hunger and curiosity to find out about things that are going on. Inevitably those things find their way into my work, and I think that’s what we all do as artists and creative people – we all plagiarise each other.”


Madonna’s new album ‘MDNA’ (yes, it’s supposed to connote the party drug) will be released in March.