A refreshing change from ol’ beer

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As summer temperatures soar, it’s no wonder we’re flooding down to the pub after work for several rounds. But during those hot sticky moments when you feel as though your stomach might burst if you down just one more lager, it’s nice to know there are lighter alcoholic options available behind the bar.

From the people who brought you Fog City Cider last year comes Lick Pier Ginger Beer. Taking its name from a famous pier in Venice Beach, LA, the bevvy is 4% alc/vol and actually rather nice. Despite the natural cloud of ginger in the drink gives it a dirty look, we’re guessing this stuff’s a lot healthier for you than those burpsome ready-mixed drinks. Look for the little bottle with a cheetah on the label (pictured right in the East 9th beverage family above). Lick it!


Lick Pier is available at an ever-increasing range of bars including Pocket Bar, Gingerboy and Workshop, as well as selected independent bottle shops around Melbourne and Sydney.