Brilliant no-fuss haircare product for the boys

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Every week, without fail, a batch of haircare products crosses our desks with the hope of us getting around to try them so as to present to you, dear reader, our verdict on the best. Occasionally a batch stands out brightly, purely because of its brilliant packaging, as did a fluoro-green group of products that recently arrived from the house of Schwarzkopf.

We think the name – [3D]MENSION – sounds very post-modern, and with the ‘MEN’ part of its name bolded in black to appeal to the male of the species, our graphic designer was virtually having an orgasm over the design. But of course there’s more to quality product than mere packaging, and [3D]MENSION delivers results. Targeting the hair, scalp and roots, it provides a full care routine with minimal fuss. Why? Because of these ingredients: Panthenol to condition the hair, Menthol to refresh the scalp, and Carnitine to stimulate the roots. Not only do the products leave a guy’s hair smelling fresh, men, rejoice, for you won’t get all confused with the mathematics either when shopping for the range for every product is priced at a trusy $21.95.

For [3D]MENSION stockists phone 1800 251 887.