Charlize Theron plays a monster of a different kind in ‘Young Adult’; ripper soundtrack to the film, BTW

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Young Adult stars Charlize Theron as Mavis Gary, a big city children’s author who makes the rash decision to return to her small Minnesotan town where she becomes hell-bent on rekindling a romance with her high school sweetheart. The only problem is, he’s now married and has a newborn baby. As simple as it sounds, this is what makes Young Adult so interesting. The hero of the film evolves from sweet kiddies’ book writer to atrocious villain, with her blatantly sinister motives of wanting to break up a marriage just so she can be selfishly content verging on atrocious. All evil aside, you can’t help but empathise with Theron’s character. You really don’t want the marriage to end, but at the same time you kind of want Mavis to end up happy. In fact, the film rather mind-fucks you.

As for Theron’s thespian delivery – if anyone is suited to play a bitchy, shallow and wicked character, it’s her. She does a superb job in her role as Mavis and sometimes you can’t help but almost laugh at her character’s disregard for anyone but herself - it’s that over the top. But while our protagonist is utterly self-confident in her mission, she’s obviously ignorant as to how unlikely her goal is to achieve.

With its solid, tragic storyline and a cast of powerfully driven characters, Young Adult will simultaneously appeal to and repulse audiences. And with a soundtrack featuring the credible retro likes of Veruca Salt (the rip-roaring Seether, Soundgarden (an instrumental version of Black Hole Sun), Dinosour Jr (Feel The Pain) and Teenage Fanclub (The Concept), both flick and soundtrack have hit written all over them.


‘Young Adult’ screens nationally. To view the film’s trailer, click on the image below.

The soundtrack is out through Warner Music.