Game: Carnival Island

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Gaming purists, step out of your comfort zone and live a little! The idea of another Wii-like mini game compendium may have you seeing red, but give in, invite the whole family, and have the time of your life. Carnival Island is a simple yet extremely fun game which is part of the relatively new Playstation Move. The simple storyline of two young siblings finding free carnival tickets is just that. Simple.

This game is most certainly not for people who like to lock themselves in their room for days on a dark and intricate journey. Don’t get me wrong, that is usually me, but I will say, this game is a refreshing injection of colour, fun, and simple skill gaming at its best. It’s not meant to be too difficult or challenging, with most of the mini games based around the games you would find at any fair or carnival, but it still requires a degree of effort, which is usually accompanied by a room full of people in stitches.

The game has the option for single or multiplayer, and you collect items along the way, designed to keep the family audience interested. Its quirky design is charming and easy to navigate, and leaves you wanting more. This is certainly not the greatest game ever made, but as far as mini game compendiums go, it certainly has me hooked.


Platforms: PS3, Xbox, Windows PC.