Injecting life back into the old strip

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The simply titled Oxford Street Design Store hopes to inject culture and cred back into the flailing city-end of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. The pop-up store of sorts is one of 15 creative enterprises handpicked to breathe new cultural life into an otherwise rather rundown part of town.

Curated by the ladies behind the blog ‘Tough Titties’, Alex De Bonis and Louise Helliwell, the store will be dedicated to selling well designed local products at below the $20 price point.

Not just a retail outlet however, but also an after-hours workshop, the venue is envisaged as a space to challenge the concept of what a commercial retail space ought to be, as well as break down the barrier of communication between community and creator.

Designers, artists and creative types wishing to submit their work to potentially be sold instore can go to for more information.


The Oxford Street Design Store is situated 58 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.