Unlimited music for eight bucks a month

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How much would you pay for unlimited access to all the music in the world? Consider the fact that paying for a new album can burn up to a good $30 from your wallet, and that all those $1.20 downloads from iTunes eventually add up, would you consider the flat rate of around $8 a month reasonable? Well that’s the price our good friends at Sonos have decided to charge for access to all the songs in their library of over 12 million tracks. Wait, we here some of you asking, “Who are Sonos?” Well allow us to explain…

Fairly new on the Australian market, Sonos (not to be confused with the similar sounding Sony) are the guys behind the most successful range of wireless music systems on the market. Basically users buy a Sonos HiFi player and through their Smartphone or tablet can wirelessly connect to and control their system. The thing kind of looks like a very sleek music speaker. Once connected, users can stream any song they want through it and gain access to a few hundred radio stations via a music service called RDIO.

Check out this video of the Sonos products in action at www.sonos.com/system.