‘The Entitled’ takes ransom to the next freaky level

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It’s a film with the coolest little cast and a lot going for it in the innovation stakes. Young dude Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers of Transamerica) has no job and a mountain of bills to pay, so plans a crime to help his struggling family – extorting millions from, not one, but three wealthy men.

The boys he’s stealing from are indeed big, played by Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Victor Garber (Titanic), and Stephen McHattie (Watchmen). Still, Dynan sees sense in the insanity of abducting their children, each a famous figure on the social circuit.

The Entitled falls into that same crime thriller sub-genre that houses Funny Games (where Naomi Watts is held prisoner in her own home) and the recently released Mother’s Day (a mother sends her band of sons out to torture a group of yuppy teens). It’s a sub-genre that’s even scarier than the usual crime thriller in that it constantly reminds us that no amount of wealth in the world can keep one’s security, sanity and health in check that easily.


‘The Entitled’ is out on Blu-ray and DVD through Anchor Bay Entertainment.