Sony takes 3D viewing to the next intense level

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Sony this year goes beyond the focus of “creating the next better model” to hone in on intense user experience. And what better new product to give users the proverbial orgasm than the Personal 3D Viewer.

Looking like something right out of RoboCop, the nifty gizmo offers a spectacular new style of viewing in the luxury of your own living room, bedroom or anywhere else you’d care to scare children into thinking they’re about to be confronted by a cyborg.

If you can be bothered to sift through the technical jargon (the HMZT1 has been equipped with a 0.7-inch, High Definition OLED 1280 x 720 semiconductor silicon drive panel) then you would learn that this thing delivers a heck of an image: a mother-load better than anything available in homes before. If you didn’t already know, when you go to a cinema you’re watching an image with a viewing angle of 45 degrees. While at home, we’re all watching an image that has been scaled down to something closer to 38 degrees. The Personal 3D Viewer actually replicates the image found in cinemas and makes it look like you’re sitting about 20 metres away from a 20-metre wide screen, even though it’s about 2 cm away from your eyes.

The only negative thing about this product is that it has a big long clumsy wire coming out of it, which connects into a small rectangular box that then connects into your chosen media device.  It would have made more sense to make it wireless but, hey, we’re pretty sure they’re saving that for the next model.

The thing we love the most about this is that it can connect to any device delivering video. That means it plays DVDs and Blu-rays, TV and what we are most excited about: games! Yes folks, you can plug the viewer into your PS3 or remarkably even into the non-Sony related X-Box 360 and play games like you just don’t give a damn about expectations society has on being social.

Naturally, like us, you’re mind has wondered into that dirty realm and you’re imagining already what porn might like through the personal 3D viewer. Suffice to say that proverbial orgasm might sometimes turn into an actual one…


The Sony Personal 3D Viewer is available now RRP $899 through Sony centres nationwide.

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