New Tim Burton film lends an hilarious twist to the vampire genre

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We’re quivering in anticipation to see the new Tim Burton flick, Dark Shadows. Judging by the shorts, it’s far from serious – as its title might otherwise suggest.

Set predominantly in 1972, the gothic comedy sees Johnny Depp play a vampire who is freed from his tomb after two years of incarceration and thrown into a world of disco, drug-talk and daggy bell-bottomed trousers.

Also in the cast is Burton staple Helena Bonham Carter, who plays a kooky psychologist, Michelle Pfeiffer as a troubled matriarch with plenty of evil secrets, Chloe Moretz as her rebellious teenage daughter, and Gulliver McGrath as her precocious son.

Oh, and from the promotional posters we can see enough pasty white makeup to make the cast of Twilight look like they’ve been sunning it up!


Dark Shadows is in cinemas May 10.

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