Parents spying on their kids’ online activity

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Recent studies by security adviser, AVG, reveal that Australian parents are ‘spying’ on their 14-17 year-old teenagers’ internet use, with almost half of parents concerned with their child’s use of the net.

The studies found that the three most prominent areas of concern are that kids are geo-tagging with their mobiles, ‘sexting’, and downloading illegal music.

AVG (Avalanche Technology Group) has a mission to secure and simplify the internet experience whilst providing peace of mind and control to users.

With the extreme popularity of social networks, parents are provided with a medium that can be used to monitor their teenagers without being too ‘heavy handed’.

On a related subject, according to AVG, 57% of Australian parents are ‘friending’ their teenagers on Facebook which leads to question whether this is a new form of parental relationship or simply ‘spying’.

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