Revenge stars to visit Oz end of this month!

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Is there anything more delicious on television than Revenge? The show is like a cross between the family rivalry of Dynasty and the material fixations of Gossip Girl, and is getting more and more viewers hooked by the week. Currently, an average of two million Australians tune into Revenge each week, which airs on Channel Seven, and that’s a big chunk of television audience. The great news for fans is that the show’s main stars Emily VanCamp (who plays Emily/Amanda) and Josh Bowman (her beau, Daniel Grayson) will be visiting Australia at the end of this month for a publicity tour. Not that they need the publicity, really. The show’s going great guns on its own. Well, thanks to that good old-fashioned method of promotion: word-of-mouth.

‘Revenge’ screens 8.30pm Mondays on Seven.