Aside from the gloss and unbelievable abs, ‘Magic Mike’ possesses a certain ‘realness’

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There’s been much hype surrounding  Magic Mike, the film that stars Channing Tatum a stripper/slash/wannabe entrepreneur, understandably for two reasons. Firstly because it connects with Tatum’s past, the man having worked as a stripper in a previous life (in fact some pals he shared the stage with claim he stole most of their stories). And secondly because, well, sex sells, simple as that.

But once you’ve seen this film, you’ll realise the hype is warranted for a third reason: it’s actually pretty bloody good, possessing a kind of rawness and realness that are often amiss in movies where boys go truly wild (ie: the Hangover flicks and recently released Ted).

While the protagonist and his stripper cohorts lead a fantasy life on stage, off-stage it’s a different story. Things are tough, just like for the rest of us, and each of the main characters delivers a certain fragility.

To add even more of a soft touch, much of the film is shot in a style of lighting that can only be described as ‘Instagram gone celluloid’.

Despite the tragic state of affairs at the core of this movie, it’s actually rather funny. It’s a pity, then, that when things come undone for Tatum’s character, Mick, the sad vibe goes on for a little longer than needed. Ultimately, the film would have worked even better if, like Boogie Nights before it, the scenes where tragedy erupts were quickly juxtaposed with ‘up’ moments.

Still, more fun than a hen’s night, girls. And on that note, don’t think it’s a full-on chick flick, either. While men are the main objects of desire here, blokes will get a lot out of the film what with its crazy antics and the aforementioned raw touches.


Magic Mike screens nationally from July 26.

To view the official trailer, click on the cast pic below.