Fans go Gaga despite shocking venue acoustics

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The costumes were out-of-this-world and changes seemingly made every second song. The lighting and laser effects were dazzling. The dancers, sexy and tough. And the voice itself, astounding – when it could be heard…

Lady Gaga’s recent ‘Born This Way Ball’ at Perth’s Burswood Dome had fans (ie: her Little Monsters) screaming with joy for most of the night although it must be said something should be done about the venue’s acoustics, or at the very least, its sound system. While many of Gaga’s songs are catchy, it was difficult to make out even the most familiar of choruses over the cacophonous noise amplified to the nth degree.

Still, it was great to see each and every one of her hits performed including Telephone, Paparazzi, Love Game, Bad Romance and Just Dance. The highlights of the night were indeed when things got stripped back to just Gaga and her piano, such as in the superfine rendition of You And I (in which she kept throwing in “my cool Australian guy” in place of the original “Nebraska guy”) and a spine-tingling delivery of her new single Princess Die – an ode to the late Princess Diana.

It’s a shame that when the guitars and drums kicked in, it all got messy again, and if anything, Burswood ought to be upping the ante in their venues’ sound quality since there is bound to be some major competition when Perth Arena in the city opens in November. That is if the Burswood Dome is still operating then for rumour has it that it’s being torn down. Alas, if a new venue is built in its place… someone please get the acoustics right.