Muse deliver the official song for London Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games are all about optimism, honesty and healthy competition, right? Not pessimism, irony and end-of-the-world-is-nigh polemic, non? So we’re mighty confused as to why Muse would have been commissioned to deliver the official song for this year’s London Olympic Games. But, hey, we’re very content on the matter, just the same.

The song Survival was written, according to lead singer Matt Bellamy, “about total conviction and pure determination to win”. While it starts off all typically and epically doom-and-gloom Muse-like, 57 seconds in and you’d think you were hearing a snazzy vaudevillian tune.

Goodness gracious, have our favourite ironists finally sold out? Anyway, the track will be played as athletes enter the stadium, throughout sports sessions and during the buildup to medal ceremonies, mixed in with other songs commissioned by the Olympic committee to Dizzee Rascal, Chemical Brothers, Delphic and (quite possibly to keep the old guard happy), Elton John. Alas, Elton’s track features Australia’s own Pnau –  if only to maintain the committee’s sudden bout of street cred, we’re sure.

Tune into the new Muse song (link below) and let us know what you think.


Click here to hear Muse’s Olympic song Survival then feel free to respond to our poll telling us whether or not you think the guys have, well, lost the plot or just gotten even more terribly fabulous.

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