Loving Sodashi’s new Brightening Marine Mineral Mask

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I’m a big fan of Sodashi products. I have been ever since trialling them during a spa treatment at the stunning Wolgan Valley Resort in New South Wales several years ago. The company is wholly Australian to the point of using this great nation’s resources as key ingredients in its products.

One of the new additions to the Sodashi range is the Brightening Marine Mineral Mask which contains Australian Zeolite – an ultrafine clay derived from volcanic mineral ore that provides a powerful detoxifying action. The mask cream also includes the key active ingredients of Australian Yellow and White Clay which help improve skin colour and vitality. The clay ingredients in the mask alone were enough to sell me. Being the possessor of moderate-to-oily skin (I attribute it to my Sicilian heritage), I’ve got to be careful not to choose a mask that’s too moisturising. So on a wintry Saturday morning while pottering around the house, I decided to fit in a little beauty therapy while doing a little housecleaning.

Although the Marine Mineral Mask goes on feeling somewhat ‘gummy’, it dries to a comfortable texture; so comfortable and soothing I was tempted to nap with it on. But the instructions recommended leaving it on for no more than 20 minutes and washing off with a warm, damp cloth. After doing so, my skin felt plumper, firmer, evenly toned and positively glowing.

Upon further inspection of the ingredients list, I realised the seaweed, spirulina and rosewood oil would have played a part in the healthy results.  And here’s the good news: the mask is delicate enough to apply twice a week. Who’d have thought I’d be looking forward to Wednesday already on a Saturday…

Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask retails at $110 for 50ml tub.

For stockist information visit www.sodashi.com or phone (08) 9336 6837.