Sea Salt a strange (but surprisingly yummy) new flavour from Lindt

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Look on the back of any packet of chocolate and you’re sure to see the word ‘salt’ somewhere in the ingredients list. But did you ever think salt would be glamorised as a main flavour of chocolate?

Well thanks to those purveyors of fine chocolate, Lindt, savoury flavours have made their way onto the candy shelf, big-time.

A new addition to Lindt’s already extensive dark chocolate line is ‘A Touch Of Sea Salt’ and let us tell you, it’s more delicious than it sounds. I thought I’d stop at just one nibble but instead polished off half a bar in one sitting. Followed by three glasses of water…

Also new to the Lindt line are ‘Passionfruit Intense’, ‘Coconut Intense’ and ‘Strawberry Intense’ which, as their names suggest, are intense on the flavour front.

We dare you to stop at one bite.