‘Starhawk’ a must-have for adrenaline gaming junkies

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Fasten your seat belt for this racy third-person shooter adventure game. Energy levels are high, and each level change adds a new hit of adrenaline. You assume the identity of Emmet Graves, a down-and-out gunslinger who has been rejected by his planet. Forced to return and face one of the baddest of bad guys, each turn is a new twist of frenzy, bloodshed and quick-paced action. The game introduces a new system called ‘build and battle’ where you can gain massive advantage by building an array of weaponry and machinery that you can use all throughout the many levels of death and destruction. If online gaming is particularly your thing, this game is for you, with the opportunity to participate in up to 32 player battles. If you’d prefer the company of your mates, you can engage in off-line co-op modes and kick serious butt together. Definitely a must-have game for adrenaline junkies.

Starhawk is available for the following platforms: Xbox, PS3 and Windows PC.