Another miraculous ‘Moroccan’ oil

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Morocco is famous for many things: capital city Casablanca and its romantic film of the same name; glorious food including spicy tagines and everything cous cous; Marrakesh and its bustling markets… but more recently, it’s been a splendid little ingredient called Argan oil that has stolen the limelight, found in quality hair products and famous for its nutritious properties that lend hair a natural, lustrous sheen.

Royal Moroccan products might be manufactured and distributed out of Israel but they do indeed contain a good dose of healthy argan oil.

Prettily packaged in hues that only just connote that other famous brand of Moroccan oil, Royal Moroccan products also contain nourishing ingredients such as grapeseed oil, Dead Sea water, flower extracts, and aloe juice, all of which work well together to make hair soft, silky smooth and easy to comb.

You’ll find in the range a Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Moisturising Styling Cream, a Curl Cream (if that’s more your style), Styling Glaze, and the signature product of a Serum Treatment for all hair types which smells simply divine.

Product prices start at just RRP $19.95. For more information and stockists visit or phone (02) 9725 5354.