The busy bees at Jack Daniel’s concoct a bee-autiful new beverage

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Okay, so this package the size of a shoe box lands on Cream’s office doorstep and is stamped with golden letters: Jack Daniel’s. And we’re thinking to ourselves, gold or no gold, JD is not ordinarily a beverage that Cream readers would sup. See-through spirits, darlings, see-through spirits. Anyways we lift the lid of the box and to our surprise the label on the JD bottle reads ‘Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Liqueur’. And honey, are we suddenly impressed.

Tucked in alongside it is a little bottle of some kind of honey-like elixer and now we’re getting very excited. Like busy little bees (and, yes, why not during working hours?) we pour the JD Tennessee Honey Liqueur over rocks of ice and then a dash of the spritzer-type beverage, and take a sip… Mmmm, an instant warm and fuzzy feeling inside. And suddenly we’ve discovered our new favourite winter drink.


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Liqueur is available from all good bottle shops. Try to avoid drinking it during working hours for it’s difficult to stop at one. Here’s a nifty little cocktail recipe for you to try with it: The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Jam Jar (pictured above).


Ingredients: 45ml JD T’Honey, 10ml diluted honey, 15ml fresh lemon juice, 8 mints leaves.  Method: Shake all ingredients in a jam jar and crown with crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig. Tada!