Mini magazine injects art into the field of medicine

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Graphic aesthetes might be aware of a (literally) little publication called Granta magazine. The quarterly publication, though pocket-sized, is packed with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photographic essays of an esoteric bent and in the past has covered themes such as September 11, Sex, and Horror.

The latest issue, Granta 120, is dedicated to all things Medicine and ultimately looks like mini medical journal meets underground fanzine, featuring contributions by internationally renowned writers and artists including Ike Anya, Ben Lerner, Terrence Holt, Gish Jen and Suzanne Rivecca.

Indeed the book is testament to a particular quote from the Hippocratic Oath that “there is art to medicine as well as science”.

Granta 120: Medicine is published through Allen & Unwin Book Publishers and is available from good book stores RRP $27.99.