David Cronenberg’s new sci-fi flick ‘Cosmopolis’ is spooky as

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Director David Cronenberg is not afraid to present full-on fear on the big screen. Already he’s shocked us with films such as Scanners and Videodrome in the 1980s, Naked Lunch and Crash in the ’90s, eXistenZ and A History Of Violence in the Zeroes, and more recently, A Dangerous Method. Now comes Cronenberg’s provocative adaptation of the dark Don DeLillo novel, Cosmopolis.

The story is set in NYC in the not-too-distant-future and centres around Wall Street wunderkind, Eric Packer, who runs most of his sordid dealings from his stretch limo, but suddenly comes into a bout of bad luck. Meanwhile, the world’s most famous finance-and-economy-driven address is experiencing its own lot of bad luck, plagued by radicalists and giant rats (literally).

The scary thing is that DeLillo published this novel in 2003 yet the parallels to recent Occupy Wall Street activity are uncanny.

A must-see flick for fans of sci-fi where the fiction actually ends up looking a very possible reality.


Cosmopolis is in cinemas now.