Kath & Kim’s debut film opens number one at the Aussie box office

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The foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes, Kath and Kim, have a lot to celebrate this weekend thanks to their groovy new movie, Kath & Kimderella, claiming the number one spot at the Australian box office.

The film sees frustrated housewife Kath Day enter and win a competition for a trip to Italy, for which Kim tags along and encounters the illegitimate son of a monarch and suddenly finds herself in the midst of a royal wedding frenzy.

Only last weekend, Cream caught up with the iconic Aussie duo on the red carpet at a premiere screening and asked Kath if Kim could leave her hands off all the delicious, rich food in Italy.

“Oh no, she ate everything in sight. In fact she ate her body weight in piñatas,” said Kath.

But piñatas are Mexican, not Italian, we corrected her.

“Ham and cheese piñatas?” she quipped.

Kim herself admitted to looking better than she did when we last spoke to her in 2004.

“Well I am looking younger than I was then because I have had a lot of work done,” she said. “But I must say that in the film I have been slightly digitally-enhanced. Actually there were 10 people in a room scrubbing out bits of me, and that was the biggest budget.”

So does Kimmy feel she can still make any guy cream in his jeans?

“Oh totes, totes, totes, totes, totes,” was her affirmative response.

“In Italy, I got my bum pinched a lot. But I did get my bum-bag pinched as well, which had my passport in it, so that was a little annoying.”


Kath & Kimderella: The Movie currently screens nationally.

Click here to view the trailer.

Red carpet photography by Gary Fernandes.