‘Uncovered Volume 4′ impresses like its predecessors

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Okay, so we live in an era when music is mashed, and sampled, and covered so much, that there’s hardly anything very original to expect. But we must admit, we do love a cover version when it’s done real good. And that’s precisely what all artists who end up featured in Ministry Of Sound’s ‘Uncovered’ series do: deliver dandy good remakes.

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 were huge successes, so we can only expect the newie, Volume 4, to be just as big. Forty musical gems are featured in total, with songs by Carole King, Daft Punk, Kylie Minogue, Drake & Rihanna, Donna Summer, Depeche Mode and heaps more, covered by the likes of Kimbra, LCD Soundsystem, Julia Stone, Feist and Azealia Banks – just to give you the gist of it!

Rest assured that whatever era of music you like best, these stripped-back covers of songs from the ’60s to now will impress.