Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’ puts new twist on the vampire genre

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Despite its noir-like title, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows is far from serious.

Set predominantly in 1972, the gothic comedy sees Johnny Depp play a vampire who is freed from his tomb after two hundred years of incarceration and thrown into a world of disco, drugs and daggy bell-bottomed trousers.

Also in the cast is Burton staple Helena Bonham Carter, who plays a kooky psychologist; Michelle Pfeiffer as a troubled matriarch with plenty of evil secrets; Chloe Moretz as her rebellious teenage daughter (major secret of her own, that one); and Gulliver McGrath as her precocious son.

The characters are so pasty-white, they make the cast of Twilight look like they’ve been sunning it up. Of course, we’d prefer watch Johnny and Co in a camp vamp flick cosy-ed up on the couch any night.


Dark Shadows is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and in Combo Pack through Roadshow Entertainment.