New filmic version of ‘Wuthering Heights’

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Wuthering Heights is as classic a love story as they come and now it’s been remade into a film by director Andrea Arnold. If you were a naughty student in English Lit and avoided reading it, the gist of the story is about a Yorkshire hill farmer on a visit to Liverpool who finds a homeless boy on the streets, takes him home to live as part of his family on the isolated Yorkshire moors where the boy forges and obsessive relationship with the farmer’s daughter. For the rest of the story, you could take a listen to Kate Bush’s song Wuthering Heights and try and decipher her warblings, or better still, see this wonderful flick.

The cast is strong, featuring Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave and Shannon Beer, and the cinematography utterly breathtaking (eat your heart out, Merchant Ivory).

Wuthering Heights is only at the movies October 11. For more information visit


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