It’s the fish John West reject that’s raising issues…

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Tuna is Australia’s favourite seafood product, with over 250 million cans sold every year. The problem is, most tuna brands use fishing methods that unnecessarily kill thousands of tonnes of sharks, manta rays, turtles and baby tune (together known as by-catch) every year.

Greenpeace recently launched its fourth annualCanned Tuna Guide’ to help consumers make a sustainable choice. This year’s guide is topped by Fish4Ever and Safcol, while Sirena and Greenseas have made marked sustainability commitments in comparison to other brands.

Woolworths, Coles and Sole Mare languish at the bottom of the guide (with IGA’s Signature Tuna just beating the aforementioned three) while ironically it is the country’s best-selling tuna – John West – that has been branded the worst in its destructive fishing practices.

So peeved off with John West’s fishing methods is Greenpeace, that the conglomerate created a spoof ad which edits raw and bloody footage of the disgraced brand’s fishing methods. John West complained about the ad and it has since been pulled off YouTube.

 “[This] censorship proves that John West would rather cover up the fact that they needlessly kill threatened juvenile tuna, sharks, rays and even endangered sea turtles than live up to their sustainability rhetoric and update their fishing practices,” said Greenpeace Ocean Campaigner Nathaniel Pelle.

Anyway, food for thought for the next time you’re out shopping for tuna…


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