Interview with Black Fox frontman Dane Robertson

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Imagine if Joy Division and The Cure had a love-child who was then adopted by the Smashing Pumpkins. That baby would be Black Fox – all addictive, jangling retro chic instrumentations fronted by singer Dane Robertson’s agonising notes that slip occasionally into falsetto and tear at the heart-strings.

Interview with Dane by Gemma Maddox.


Where did the inspiration come from for your new single Beatles Party?

It’s actually about a Beatles [theme] party that I went to in 2007. One of my friend’s was going along and even though I wasn’t invited I ended up crashing it. The funny thing is all my current friends and most of the people I know I met from this party.


What was it like filming the video clip for the song?

It was a lot of fun. The idea of us walking around with roses was an idea I had years ago. We just got up one Saturday morning and stocked up on a lot of roses.


Your album Line Of Sight has just been released not only to purchase online but on 12-inch vinyl? Why did you decide to release it on vinyl?

We’re all pretty big vinyl fans. I have a huge vinyl collection. It’s been a long-term dream to put some music out on record. The quality of the recording is preserved much better on vinyl. The process of mastering ends up twice as loud but in doing that they kill the dynamics, but the vinyl one doesn’t have any of that. The volume on it is purely just determined by the length of the tracks on each side. It actually sounds quite different when you compare them.


What was the process like writing songs for your new album Line Of Sight?

Daniel and I wrote most of the songs. We threw them back and forth between each other and then took them into rehearsals and bashed them out with the band. It was fairly natural compared to records we’ve made in the past. We basically always have one session running so the demo would evolve into the final version.


How long have you been working on the album for?

A year of writing and recording. Some of the songs we’ve had for ages and some of them were mixed and mastered last March in 2011.


Do you have a favourite song from the album?

Probably Monarch, which is one of the longer songs on there. To me it turned out perfect. It surpassed my expectations and didn’t get there till

right at the end.


Your currently doing gigs over east. Will you be partaking in a national tour soon?

We’d love to. We’re hoping in January to get over to Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. I don’t know if  we’ll get over to Perth but we’d love to.


Is an international tour on the cards?

Absolutely. We’re planning on heading to the UK next year to start.


Are there any artists you’d love to collaborate with?

One of my favourite bands that has always been a big inspiration and one I like listening to a lot is The Smiths. Johnny Marr is the most unique guitar player I’ve came across. He writes stuff that I’ve never heard anyone write before. I find him amazing and would love to to do something with him some time.


What can we expected from the band in the future?

We’ll definitely be starting work on another record soon, and that should be out next year. 


The album Line Of Sight is out now through MGM/Green.

Stream the single Beatles Party here and view the clip here.

Courtesy of MGM/Green, Cream has two copies of Line Of Sight on vinyl and two copies on CD to give away. To try winning one, simply email your name, address, the Subject heading ‘Black Fox’ to no later than 5pm, Friday 21 December. Don’t forget to tell us what you’d prefer the album on: CD or vinyl.