‘Just Dance 4′ not too competitive a game but great with the trippy graphics

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When a gaming company is, well, at the top of its game in product delivery – which in the case of Ubisoft means delivering quality action/dance games – you’d think it would invest heavily in each consecutive release to ensure the market is given something more exciting than previous offerings. Oddly, Just Dance 4 takes a step backwards in the innovation department.

Instead of offering a huge variety of options for players, it starts off by giving you only two mode options: ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Just Sweat’, the former for dancing, naturally, and the latter forthe somewhat more serious activity of exercise, where really the only innovation is that it includes a live calorie counter to keep track of the energy you’re releasing.

What is great about Just Dance 4 is the variety of music available for you to move to: from Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, the B52s’ Rock Lobster to Skrillex’s Rock’n’Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain), the music is diverse to say the least, spanning everything from pop to hip-hop, rock and even country.

And although some of the scenes appear to have nothing to do with the songs they accompany, they’re a trippy treat just the same. From graffiti-ed streets of Asia, to the trippy inside of a pinball machine, psychedelic skies to the fruity contents of a cocktail glass (believe it or not), it’s like you’ve popped an acid trip before plugging in.

Not a competitive game, sure, but one that can be played at a party without too much concentration.


Just Dance 4 is available for Move on PlayStation3, Kinect on Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

For more information visit the official Just Dance website here.