Leederville set to light up in a big way

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It seems every precinct is hosting its own festival or carnival these days… closing off its main drags to make way for glorious food stalls, fabulous market stands, and entertainment aplenty. And we like it that way…

Last week it was the Beaufort Street Festival in the cool Perth suburb of Mt Lawley. Next up is what you could consider that city’s second coolest suburb celebration: the Light Up Leederville Carnival.

The streets of Leedy will light up on Saturday 8 December at the inaugural free event which runs from1–8pm, mostly along infamous Oxford Street and in the main corner area of Newcastle Street.

Highlights and festivities include circus acts roaming through the crowd, on-the-go graffiti-ing, food theatrics featuring some of the better chefs from restaurants in the area battling it out, a retro market, a skate and scooter display, rickshaw rides, performances from bands from Central Tafe, and a bus for a stage housing local DJs playing everything from funk to world music.

“The Light Up Leederville Carnival won’t be your average street festival,” says Leederville Connect Chairperson Don Eftos. “The day’s activities have been programmed with a carnival feel, and the streets themed in a way that will harness the unique character that Leederville has. There will literally be surprises around every corner.”

To view the full program of activities, visit www.leedervillecarnival.com.au.